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5 DIY 1 Year Old Activities – Created Using Household items

DIY 1 Year Old Baby Activities

I am new mom. About 1 year ago, I had my first baby at 40. Ella is the greatest thing. I had been trying for years. I had had a tubular pregnancy and a miscarriage in 2008 & 2009.

My 4th birthday came around and, I thought, if I was going to have my own child I needed to do it soon. That was Feb 2015. Surprise, a month and ½ later, I found out I was pregnant. I was excited and worried at the same time. My pregnancy went well and we now have a wonderful happy little girl.

Now, to the point of the post, I am always looking for cheap and new toys and activities for Ella.

**Caution supervise child with any toys and activities.  Check toys each time before you give them to your child.


DIY 1 Year Old Activities

  1. Cups & a Bucket

     Baby Activity – Bucket Cups

Plastic fruit cups and a container. My girl loves taking the cups out and in. She also likes to toss them. If we are in the kitchen they slide well too. When she is older, I am sure she will like stacking them up. Now she loves to destroy any towers I make out of the cups.

  1. Tug & Pull

    Tug & Pull Toy

I used a lid to a plastic container like cool whip. First, carefully cut slits spaced apart with a knife. I threaded different lengths of ribbon and fabric scraps through the holes. Next, I tied knots large enough that the fabric did not pull through when tugged on. I kept the fabrics to about 12 in. or less. This toy is not her favorite but she does play with it.

  1. Shaker

DIY Baby Toy – Bottle Shaker – Music Maker

Use a clean pop or water bottle and add dry rice. Close the bottle and tighten tightly. If concerned about the bottle opening, use some glue on the lid before closing

  1. Holey Container

Plastic Drop Container Baby Activity

First, take a clean gallon container like milk or water, and remove the cap. Carefully cut 2-3 holes in the sides about 3 in or so. Large enough that they can put some of their smaller toys in the container. Last, add some small toys while the baby is watching.  Let me try to remove the toys. Also, can shake the container by holding the handle.

  1. Fabric Box

Fabric Container Baby Activity

Take an empty container like formula or a hard-plastic wipes case and add different colored scraps of fabric. I have tons and tons of fabric scraps but if you don’t you could use old tshirts.

Here are a few lists of activities to do:

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What 1 year old activities do you use with your little one?

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