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Best Bib Ever – Keep Your Little One Clean When Feeding

Help Keep Your Baby Clean, the Best Bib Ever

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Looking for the best bib? Babies are messy eaters, that is obvious! My little girl was getting her food all over her clothes at every meal. A regular bib, just didn’t do it. She would pull it off too.

I don’t what to change her clothes after every meal because they are wet and dirty. Plus, I had trouble getting out the stains from the oranges she loves.

So, I went looking for a better bib and I found this:


a bib and apron combined together. What is great about this bib is that it has 2 hook and loop closures, one at the neck and one at the back. When your little one yanks the top one off, the one around the back is still on.

To use the bib, put it on making sure you have it well closed. Spread the bottom part across the baby’s lap so it is spread from side to side and sits over the from part of the high chair.

Next, Slide the tray on. The bib should catch any food that lands in your baby’s lap. When your baby is finished, use the bib to catch all the food.

Scrunch the bib up with the food in and shake over the trash. To finish, turn upside done to get any pieces that fell in the pocket. You will find this is the best bib ever. You can use it later for craft activities.

Long sleeves, don’t forget to push up sleeves.

Success a mostly clean baby! After you wash face, hands, & arms, sometimes hair. The clothes are usually clean though she will still have cereal stuck to her butt sometimes and orange in her hair.

Now if I could only find an easy way to keep the floor clean. She is always throwing some food on the floor.

Best Bib Ever – Help keep your baby clean

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Best Bib Ever – Bib-on

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