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Disappearing Nine Patch Tutorial

How to Disappearing Nine Patch Block

  • Supplies & Tools
  • -thread
  • -fabric- depends on size of quilt
  • -rotary cutter or scissors
  • -ruler
  • -sewing machine
  • -straight pins

My first quilt was a nine patch block. It is very basic just made of 9 squares. This block is just as as easy but looks more complicated. You cut the 9 block into 4 pieces to get 4 blocks which can be arranged in many different patterns.

Here is an example of disappearing 9 block quilt

  1. Cut the number of squares you need. Make sure you cut your fabric carefully otherwise your quilt blocks will not line up.

 I used 9 in squares because it works out to 4 squares across and 4 down per yard of fabric. Also, it takes less time and fabric if you use larger squares.

My fabric in the example is directional. Make sure you pay attention if your fabric is directional. My finished squares are

2. Sew 3 squares together in a row; 3 rows; Iron the seams flat alternating direction.

3. Pin 2 of the rows together, sew. Make sure the seams match. Then pin & sew the third row.

4. Find the middle of the finished square and cut down the center using a rotary cutters & ruler. Then cut the 2 pieces in half horizontally. Then you have you finished square, repeat until you have enough squares for your project.

Here are some link to different disappearing nine patch layouts:

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