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Easy Bunny Craft for Preschoolers Printable Template to Make

Make a fun and easy bunny craft for preschoolers. This easy Spring craft has a bunny printable you can use to make this craft.

Spring is a great time for bunny crafts for preschoolers and other children. I have gather a lot of different bunny crafts to share.

free printable bunny craft for kids -

Pair with some bunny or Easter books for crafting and reading together. These rabbit crafts for preschool would be great for the letters B or R theme too.

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How to Make an Easy Bunny Craft for Preschoolers

free printable bunny craft -

Step 1. Color

First, print out the free bunny template printable on white cardstock and color. You can use your favorite media: crayons, markers colored pencils, or paint.

Add the eyes and mouth to your rabbit.

free printable bunny craft for kids -

Step 2. Cut

Next, cut out the bunny template that you colored.

free printable bunny craft for kids -

Step 3. Glue

Assembly your paper bunny and then glue each piece together. Let dry. Enjoy your paper bunny craft.

free printable bunny craft for kids -


If you don’t have white cardstock regular printer paper will work. Painting would be make the paper easy to tear though.

Don’t have a printer available. Find two different sized circles to trace like a mug and a dessert plate.

Then cut out to long rectangles and curve on end for the ears. Draw the rest of the details on.

You can glue your paper rabbit to another sheet of paper and add a background or some eggs.

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free printable bunny craft for kids -

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