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21 Easy Hat Knitting Patterns Cozy Gifts

Love knitting? Make one of these hat knitting patterns for keep warm on the couch or a cozy gift. With different colors of yarn, these patterns would fit anyone’s style.

Thinking about taking up a hobby and wonder whether you should try knitting or crochet? Is knitting or crochet easier? I think crochet is but both are fairly easy to learn.

There is lots of different videos and beginner patterns in both knitting and crochet.

A great beginner project for either crochet or knitting is a dishcloth or headband. Try using the most basic stitches you learn and make one.

Other Knitting Patterns

There are knitting patterns for worsted weight gauge 4 yarn as well as bulky yarn. A wide variety of patterns are available.

New to Knitting? Try these Tips

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Hat Knitting Patterns Free

1. Free Basic Knitted Adult Hat

hat knitting patterns -free knit pattern #diy #knittingpattern #knit

Make a basic knit hat pattern available in baby and adult sizes.

2. Snow Day Hat by Purl Soho Knitting Pattern

hat knitting patterns -free knit pattern #diy #knittingpattern #knit

Combine two colors of yarn for this free knitted hat pattern.

3. Simple Stockinette Hat

hat knitting patterns -free knit pattern #diy #knittingpattern #knit

This knit pattern is great for beginners. Try a new pattern today.

4. Free Inside Out Knitting Hat Pattern

hat knitting patterns -free knit pattern #diy #knittingpattern #knit

Make this knitted hat pattern using the purl side out.

5. Free Golden Waves Toque Hat Knitting Pattern

hat knitting patterns -free knit pattern #diy #knittingpattern #knit

This is a beginner cable knit hat pattern. This is strictly a easy pattern but it does have a video on how to make the cables. I would definitely try a different hat before tackling this one.

More Free Hat Knitting Pattern

Try or for even more free patterns

Pin for Later

hat knitting patterns -free knit pattern #diy #knittingpattern #knit

More Knitting Patterns

Crochet Patterns to Try

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