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Easy Letter U is for Umbrella Craft for Preschool

Make this easy letter u umbrella craft. This fun printable craft takes little time to set up and is a great way to practice letter recognition.

For this easy craft you just need the printable, paper, crayons, glue, and scissors, supplies you likely have. Color and cut the letter and umbrella out to make your own u is for umbrella craft.

u is for umbrella craft for preschool

The preschool room I worked in did 2 craft activities a day and one recipe a week. The kids loved to cook and eat what they made. There were always lots of books different books for each week’s theme.

We played games and did physical activities around the letters too. ABCs Yoga for Kids was always a favorite.

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u is for umbrella craft for preschool

Easy U is for Umbrella Letter Craft for Preschool


  • white cardstock
  • scissors – safety scissors for kids
  • markers, crayon, colored pencils, watercolors, or kids paint
  • glue

Letter U Umbrella Craft Printable Template PDF Preschool

uppercase template outline printable U photo

Click on the title or photo to print out this large capital U for umbrella free template PDF.

Umbrella Template Craft Printable

medium umbrella printable template

Print out this free umbrella craft printable by clicking on the title or photo. This template would be great for a rainy day theme too.

Step 1.

Print out the letter U & umbrella PDFs. Let dry for a few minutes.

Step 2.

Color the letter U as you would like.

letter U colored

Color the umbrella using your favorite media, like crayon or markers.

colored umbrella printable

Step 3.

Cut out the the umbrella.

umbrella printable cut out with scissors

Step 4.

Glue the umbrella to the letter U. Let dry.

Uppercase letter U printable craft with umbrella glued

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u is for umbrella craft for preschool

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