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10 Easy Sailboat Crafts for Kids: Fun Boat Activities

Try some of these fun and easy sailboat crafts for kids. There are lots of fun activities with sailing boats to make.

Have fun making your own easy boat and then try it out. You could try it out in the sink or bathtub.

sailboat crafts for kids

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All crafts and activities need to be supervised by a responsible adult.

Easy Sailboat Crafts for Kids: Fun Boat Activities

1. Easy DIY Floating Sailboat

foam sailboat craft

Use a foam block, thin stick, and paper to make a quick and easy boat that floats. Then try the sailboat out in the water.

2. Colorful Paper Plate Sailing Boat

paper plate sailing boat craft

This colorful boat is made using a paper plate, craft stick, paper, and a toilet paper roll. Turn these items into a fun sailing boat.

3. Egg Carton Sailboat Craft for Kids

egg carton boat - egg carton craft - recycled craft - kid crafts - #preschool #craftsforkids #crafts #kidscraft

Have fun floating this boat on a pond. Turn an egg carton into a sailboat.

4. Paper Sailboat Craft

paper plate sailboat picture craft

This is a flat picture craft of a boat using a paper plate. This would be great for practicing the letter B or S, transportation theme, or summer theme.

5. Craft Stick Sailboat

craft stick sail boat

Turn popsicle sticks into a fun sailboat with this craft. This craft uses corks, a milk jug, craft sticks, glue gun, and wooden skewers.

6. Paper Sail Boat Picture

paper sailboat craft

Make your own sailboat scene with paper, scissors, glue, and markers or crayons. This is an easy craft that preschoolers could do that goes with lots of themes.

7. S is for Sailboat

S is for sailboat craft

Make a letter s craft. Use sailboat for help in learning the letter s.

8. Cork Sailing Boat

cork sailing boat craft

Turn some corks and a few other supplies into a little floating sailboat. When finished they can play in a tub of water with the boat.

9. Weaving Paper Boat

weaving paper plate boat craft

Turn a paper plater and some yarn into this weaving boat craft.

10. Plastic Straw Boat

plastic straw boats

Straws and hot glue are used to make this boat.

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sailboat crafts for kids

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