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10 Ice Cream Crafts for Preschoolers to Make Summer Activities

Have fun making some of these easy ice cream crafts for preschoolers. These fun crafts are great summer activates or for the letter I.

These craft activities are great for summer and practicing the letter I. When it is too hot outside this summer do some cool indoor crafts in the hot afternoons.

ice cream crafts for preschool

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Ice Cream Crafts for Preschoolers to Make Summer Activities

1. I is for Ice Cream Letter Craft

letter I for I cream colored

Make this easy letter I is for ice cream craft. There is a free PDF printable pattern for you to color and glue together. This makes for an easy ice cream preschooler activity.

2. Sponge Painted Ice Cream

This is an easy craft great for preschoolers and toddlers. Get out some sponges or cotton balls and stamp them in the paint.

3. Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft for Preschoolers

paper plate ice cream craft for preschoolers

Have fun turning a paper plate into a colorful ice cream cone. After you have made the craft, enjoy a sweet treat.

4. Puff Paint Ice Cream Activity

puffy paint ice cream cone craft

Have fun making dimensional ice cream using fun puff paint. Have them create their favorite flavor in paint.

5. Ice Cream Sundae Paper Plate Craft

paper plate ice cream sundae crafts for preschoolers

Turn a paper plate into a fun and colorful ice cream sundae craft. Decorate the ice with all kinds of glitter, sequins or collage objects.

6. Ice Cream Bar

ice cream bar craft with free template

Make an easy ice cream bar craft with a free template printable. This would be a quick and easy activity.

7. Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone

Turn colorful pom poms into fun ice cream cones with this craft. You could use the fuzzy pom poms too instead of making them.

8. Cupcake Liner Ice Cream

cupcake liner ice cream cone craft

Turn construction paper and colorful cupcake liners into a fun ice cream cone craft that would be great for preschoolers.

9. Clay Ice Cream Cone

air dry clay ice cream cone sculpture craft

Make your own colorful ice cream sculpture out of air dry modeling clay and a terracotta pot.

10. Giant Ice Cream Bar

giant paper ice cream bar craft

Make your own giant ice cream treat. Looking for a craft to take longer? This would be a several day project for preschoolers.

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ice cream crafts for preschool

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