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45 Easy Rock Painting: Make Creative Rock Ideas for Kids

Rock painting can be lots of fun. You don’t need many supplies, just some rocks and paint. There are lots of different fun rock painting ideas for kids and chances to be creative.

Try making these pretty mandala rocks. You can make them in many colors, a great handmade gift.

Rock Painting Ideas for Kids - Rock Kid Crafts - #kidscrafts #craftsforkids #diy
Click to learn how to make these colorful rocks

The easiest way for us to paint on rocks is to use fine tip painting markers. This was a lot easier than using a brush for small details.

You could draw on rock also, most painting ideas could be draw too. You would want smooth rocks and colored pencils, chalks, and pastel would work well on the surface.

You would want to seal your drawings and painting with a matte clear sealer to have a long lasting drawing.

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Fun Rock Painting Ideas for Kids – Easy Drawing on Rocks

1. Zinnia Flower Rock Craft

zinnia painted rocks

A colorful and simple flower rock painting craft. You could draw this using colored pencils. A smooth rock would make it easier.

2. Mandala Rocks Painting Idea for Kids

rainbow dot mandala painted rocks

A pretty rainbow mandala rock tutorial. Make these beautiful rocks using dotting tools. Making these painted dot rocks is easier than you think using round tools. The white dots really make the rainbow colors stand out.

3. Blue Bird Rock Craft

blue bird pained rock

A cute bird rock that is easy for lots of skill levels. This is a great quick project that is on the easier side.

4. Happy Flower Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

happy flower painted rock craft

A cute flower, that you could make in any colors you like. You could make any kind of simple flower you wanted on a solid background.

5. Minion Rock Craft

minion painted rocks

Who doesn’t like a minion? This is a fun rock painting idea for kids to make.

The details on this minion rocks would be easy to add with a fine tip paint marker.

6. Tulip Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

painted tulip rock

A great rock for spring. Make your own spring flower painted rock with this tulip painting. For small details thin paint markers would be best.

7. Unicorn Rock Craft

unicorn rock painting

A glittery unicorn rock would be fun for your unicorn lover. This would be easier if you use some thin paint markers. Painting the background a solid color and letting it dry will make this unicorn really stand out. Get some fun glitter paint markers to add a little sparkle to the rocks.

8. Narwhal Rock Craft

narwal painted rock

A cute narwhal painted rock, that would be great for an ocean theme.

9. Painted Owl Rock

painted owl rock

A colorful owl that for the more detailed painter. This painted owl rock would be a great use of fine tip paint markers. This would be a fun for an owl themed activity for the letter O.

10. Penguin Painted Rock

penguin painted rocks

A cute rock craft toddlers could make. This is a fun and easy rocking painting craft for kids.

11. Easy Sunset Rock Craft

sunset painted rock

A pretty sunset rock where you could practice gradient painting. Have fun making this easy sunset rock painting.

12. Ladybug Painted Rock Idea for Kids

ladybug painted rock - nature kids craft - kid crafts - #preschool #craftsforkids #crafts #kidscraft

Make your own cute ladybug. This would a quick an easy rock painting craft for kids.

13. Unicorn Rock Painting Idea for Kids

painted unicorn head rock

Make a cute painted unicorn rock. This is simplified unicorn that would easy to make.

14. Fairy Door Painted Rock Idea for Kids

fairy house painted rock

Let the kids have fun with this rock painting to make a fairy door. This fairy door would need time and a detailed painter.

You could also make your own simpler door to go with their skill set.

15. Colorful Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

colorful painted rocks by kids

These colorful rocks would be great for younger painters.

16. Owl Rock Painting Craft

owl painted rocks

Use the shape of the rocks to determine the shape of your cute owl.

17. Grape Hyacinth Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

grape hyacinth painted rocks kid craft

These simple grape hyacinth would be an easy rock painting idea. This would be a great Spring themed painting activity.

17. Temporary Tattoo Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

painted rocks with temporary tattoos on them

These rock paint idea could work with younger painters if you applied the tattoos.

18. Love Rock Painting Craft

colorful love heart painted rock

Make a love heart rock painting for a fun Valentine gift.

19. Heart Rock

heart painted rocks

Have fun turning these different shape rocks into Valentine’s day paintings.

20. Watercolor Butterfly Rock

butterfly painted rock

Make your own butterfly rock. You could make less butterflies and have them use their fingerprints for the wings of the butterflies.

21. Marbled Rock

purple and silver marbled rocks

22. Hedgehog Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

painted hedgehog rock craft

Make your own cute hedgehog rock with this easy painted rock activity.

23. Galaxy Rock

galaxy painted rock

Make some fun colorful galaxy painted rocks. This rock painting would work for any age.

24. Shark Rocking Painting Idea

shark painted rocks

Have fun making painted rock sharks from triangular rocks.

25. Graphic Sunset Rock Painting

graphic sunset painted rock craft

Make a graphic sunset rock painting. If you kids are two young for such a precise painting let it be more free hand.

Paint markers would make this sunset rock painting idea easy to do.

26. Bee Painted Rock

bee painted rocks

Make a fun and easy painted bee rock. This would be great for a letter B theme or bugs.

27. Cactus Rocking Painting Craft

rocks painted like cactus in a pot

Have fun making this easy painted rock cactus craft.

28. Monster Rock Painting Craft

easy colorful monster painted rocks

Make fun and colorful monster rocks. This would be an easy rock craft.

29. Painted Fish Rock

colorful dot fish painted rocks

30. Woodland Animals Rocking Painting Craft

woodland animal head rocks

Make cute woodland animals in this painted rock craft.

31. Painted Rock Words

painted kindness word rocks

32. Painted Rock Turtle Craft

rocks painted to look like a turtle

Make a cute painted rock turtle with this easy craft.

33. Mandala Hearts

dot painted heart rock craft

Make colorful painted heart rocks.

35. Painted Rock Fruits & Vegetables

rocks painted to look like vegetables with faces

Have fun making fruit and vegetable painted rocks. This easy craft would make cute garden markers.

36. Painted Rock Town

rocks painted like buildings

Make a painted rock town. Then add a road and car for fun.

37. Painted Rock Cake

painted rocks to look like cookies

38. Strawberries

rocks painted to look like strawberries


39. Painted Fish Rocks

painted fish rocks

More Fun Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

Rock Painting Tips

  • Get flat smooth rocks for the best painting surface.
  • Wash your rocks with soap and water and let dry before painting.
  • Seal your rocks with a clear sealing or prime with a layer of white or black paint.
  • Use paint markers for detailed designs.
  • Use acrylic paints for painting your rocks.
  • Let paint dry in between different colors.
  • If the paint does not cover the first time do not cake it on. Let the layer dry and come back and add more paint.
  • Glitter and color change paints are a fun addition to your painting choices.
  • Let the paint on your rocks dry for several days. Then seal with a clear sealer for long lasting rock paintings.

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