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Fabric Banner Tutorial- Spring Easter Decor

Ready for the colors of Spring? A Spring fabric banner is a perfect away to add color to your décor without too much trouble or cost. It would work great as Easter Décor or a Spring party too.

Make your own fabric banner with this easy banner tutorial. There is a free template for you to use to cut out your pieces.

Spring Fabric Banner Tutorial



Spring fabric banner
Spring fabric banner

Step 1.

Print the pattern out. Trace the pattern onto to freezer paper(I used the backing of a shipping label). Cut the pattern out. Use the fabric as it is folded over. Use straight pins to pin the pattern to your fabric.

Fabric Banner
Pin the flag pattern to fabric

Step 2.

Cut the pattern out using the pinking shears. Repeat until all of your pieces are cut out.

cut fabric pennant
Cut fabric pattern

Step 3.

Fold over fabric about 3/4 of in so it matches up on the side. Next iron flat on high heat.

Spring Fabric Banner
Spring fabric banner – Fold over and iron

Step 4.

Sew 1/8 in from the bottom edge. Back stitch at the beginning and end. Repeat with each pennant. Tip to save time, just add a new pennant without cutting the thread.

Sewing the fabric banner
Sewing the fabric banner

Step 5.

Cut the length of ribbon wanted. I used about 6 feet. Pin a safety pin to one end. Then push the pin through the opening in you first flag.  Repeat until you have added all of the flags.  Finally space the flags out and knot the ends of the ribbon.

Spring Fabric Banner
Spring Fabric banner tutorial

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