Spring Tree Craft – 20 Plus Kids Crafts

I love spring and look forward to every year. The flowering trees will start blooming soon. Around here we have ornamental pears, crab apples and a few cherry trees. This is a perfect time for a spring tree craft.

Looking for a blossoming tree craft? I have made several, fingerprint cherry tree craft, paper roll cherry tree, and handprint cherry tree craft.

Create your own cherry tree craft from this list of spring tree crafts. There is all kinds of crafts using, mostly paper and paint. There are crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids.

Spring Tree Craft for Kids

Fingerprint Cherry Blossom Tree 

cherry blossom spring tree craft - acraftylfie.com #kidscraft #crafts #craftsforkids -

Make this fun painted cherry blossom spring craft with a little paint and a paper roll.

Q-tip Tree Craft

q-tip handprint cherry blossom spring tree craft - acraftylfie.com #kidscraft #crafts #craftsforkids -

A cute tree, some paint and q-tips and you can make this spring tree painted craft for kids.

Cherry Blossom Tree Circle Craft

cherry blossom circle spring tree craft - acraftylife.com #crafts #kidscraft #craftsforkids

Construction paper is need for this cherry blossom tree and a little tissue paper and you will have a hanging spring tree in no time.

Bubble Wrap Tree

Bubble Wrap Tree Craft - spring craft - acraftylife.com #craft #craftforkids #kidscraft

Save that bubble wrap and using it for a different painting tool to make this cherry tree.

Cherry Blossom Paper Roll Tree Craft

cherry blossom paper roll tree craft- spring tree craft - kids craft - acraftylife.com

This craft is good to use to talk about recycling and reusing as well as seasons.

4 Season Tree

4 seasons spring tree craft - kids craft - acraftylife.com #crafts #kidscraft #craftsforkids

Learn about the 4 season of trees with this tree craft.

Toddler tree Craft

easy toddler spring tree craft - acraftylife.com #crafts #kidscraft #craftsforkids

Looking for an easy toddler spring tree craft? This is it. Cut or draw a tree trunk and give them some glue and pink items and let them create.

Tissue Paper Tree

Tissue paper blossom spring tree craft -acraftylife.com #crafts #kidscraft #craftsforkids

Gather a few sticks and some tissue paper to make this cherry blossom bouquet.

Easy Handprint Toddler Cherry Tree Craft

cherry handprint tree - spring craft - spring tree- toddler craft - acraftylife.com

An easy craft a toddler can do with a few supplies.

Recycled Bottle Tree

Cherry Blossom plastic bottle print spring tree craft - acraftylife.com #crafts #kidscrafts #craftsforkids

You can talk about recycling with a plastic bottle painting technique to make this flowering branch.

Pompom Tree Craft

Pompom spring tree craft - acraftylife.com #crafts #kidscraft #craftsforkids

Pompoms and pipe cleaners make up this adorable 3D flowering spring tree.

Broccoli Print Tree

Broccoli Print spring tree craft - acraftylife.com #crafts #kidscraft #craftsforkids

Use a broccoli print to create this cherry blossom tree.

Popcorn Tree

popcorn spring tree craft - acraftylife.com #kidscraft #craftsforkids #crafts

Eat a snack and create a spring tree.

2D Tree

Packing Peanut Tree -Recycle

3D Tree

Yarn Wrapped Tree

Q-tip Tree

Dr. Seuss Truffula Tree

3D Blossom Tree

Kandinsky Tree

Clothespin Cherry Blossom Tree

Handprint Tree

Cherry Bloom Branch

Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

cherry blossom spring tree craft - acraftylfie.com #kidscraft #crafts #craftsforkids -

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