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Tissue Paper Flower Spring DIY – Make Yours Today!

Looking to decorate for spring? A tissue paper flower is an inexpensive, easy, and colorful. The flowers take few supplies or tools all which are inexpensive and easy to find.

Want to spruce up your home for spring? Simple tissue paper flowers are an inexpensive, easy and colorful way. All you need is some supplies that can be found at any grocery store or craft shop!

Tissue paper flowers are a great way to add color and life into your home this time of year. They’re easy enough that even those without much crafting experience can try their hand at making them!

These flower are a great added decoration and are quick to make. You could make them to match any décor. They’ll only take minutes out of time for making them – so go ahead: make yourself an instant decoration today!.

Here is where I learned to make mine: tissue paper flowers

Spring Tissue Paper Flowers - A Crafty LIfe
Spring tissue paper flower – A Crafty Live

Tissue Paper Flower


  • Scissors
  • Stapler (not needed if you use ties)


  • tissue paper – several different colors
  • ties(not needed if you use stapler)
Tissue Paper Flower Supplies - A Crafty Life
tissue paper flower supplies DIY – A Crafty Life

The supplies and tools are easy and cheap. You probably have most of it. I ran to the grocery store and found some tissue paper. It would of been cheaper if I got it from Walmart or in bulk but I only live about 5 blocks from the grocery store so that is where I went. I saved in time if nothing else.

Step 1.

Take 2 pieces of paper and fold in half and then in half again.

folded tissue paper
folded tissue paper for tissue flowers – A Crafty Life

Next Fold 1 corner to the other side to make a Triangle. Cut bottom part that is not the triangle. Unfold the triangle. Then use your scissors to slid through the edges and cut all the layers apart, so you have 8 separate pieces.

Step 2

Fold the layers back in forth in a fan fold, about 3/4 of an in. or so making about 7-8 pleats. Staple or use a twist tie around the center. I found that the stapler didn’t go through all the layers plus I don’t have one at my house so I use the twist ties from some trash bags. String or other thin wire like floral wire would work too.

Pleated tissue paper
Folded tissue paper flower – A Crafty Life

Step 3

Cut the folded stack on both ends into a rounded shape. Make sure to cut through all layers and on the sides. Carefully pull the layers apart and fluff your flower. Ta da you have your first spring flower. I hung them in a store window for spring. I added a spring banner. You will be able to see the tutorial for that soon.

folded tissue paper flower
folded tissue paper flower with rounded edge
Finished Lavender Tissue Paper Flower
Lavender tissue flower tutorial – A Crafty Life

Repeat with your other sheets of tissue paper until you have an entire garden of flowers. I hung the flowers on fishing line for a beautiful look. Measure and cut the amount of fishing line you need adding an extra amount of line for a loop and to go around each flower.  I just make a loop of fishing line at the top to hang on a hook. I then wrapped the fishing line around the center of the flower and tied a knot. Then I repeated until all the flowers were attached.

So what are you waiting for? Make your own tissue paper flowers today and enjoy the springtime beauty they bring. With just a few simple supplies, you can have these blooms gracing your home in no time at all. What type of flower will you make first?

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