The Creative Behind A Crafty Life

Hi, My name is Heather Hamlin. Being create is a large part of my life. I love to make stuff, all kinds from sewing quilts, crafts, recipes, to painting pictures and more.

I am married and I have 1 little girl. She was our wonderful surprise just after my 40th birthday. My mom & I are partners in our handcrafted baby blanket business.

Making things has always been a love from cooking, to painting, to crafting. My mom and I attended local craft fairs. I watched all the artisans and thought I wanted to do that one day. I did crafts and needlework with my mom and painting and cooking with my grandmother as a child.

I earned a degree in French and Graphic Design after studio arts and a year in France. I pursued graphic design through 2 newspapers. Then after a move, I went back to school for an elementary teaching degree.  In 2009, my mom and I started our Etsy business and we went full time in 2011 after I left teaching.

Current Endeavor

Now, I am living the dream. I get to create and stay home with my beautiful happy little girl. I do all the online work, photography, marketing, photography, customer service, & purchasing. My mom and I both do the assembly and sewing. We sell mostly on Etsy.

Picking out the soft minky patterns in all the different colors is my favorite part. I enjoy making a special gift for a new baby and parents.

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