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17 Crafts for the Day of the Dead: Easy Día de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a vibrant and heartfelt Mexican tradition that celebrates the memories of loved ones who have passed away.

To honor this occasion, here are 15 easy and creative crafts that you can try. Create colorful paper marigolds, which are a symbol of remembrance, or fashion intricate sugar skulls using icing and food coloring.

You can also make traditional paper picado banners, painted calavera masks, or construct an ofrenda (altar) adorned with candles, photographs, and the favorite foods of the departed.

When is the Day of the Dead Celebrated?

The Day of the Dead, Día de los Muertos, is celebrated November 1 thru November 2 traditionally. Other days from October 31 thru November 6 may be included. It is celebrated widely in Mexico and other places of people of Mexican heritage.

day of the dead crafts

Crafting papel maché skeletons, crafting candles with religious symbols, and decorating sugar skull cookies are other delightful options.

These crafts not only provide a hands-on way to participate in the Day of the Dead festivities but also offer a beautiful means of paying tribute to those who are no longer with us.

15 Crafts for the Day of the Dead: Easy Día de los Muertos Crafts for Kids

1. Sugar Skull Craft

paper sugar skull craft for kids

Make your own unique sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead. Have fun with colorful designs.

2. Origami Sugar Skull

printable sugar skull craft

Printable out this easy origami template and decorate the skull.

3. Sugar Skull Rocks Using Puffy Paints

puff paint sugar skull rocks with puff paint

Have fun making your own colorful skulls using paint on rocks.

4. Paper Bookmark Craft for the Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead paper bookmark craft for kids

Make these easy paper bookmark sugar skulls for the Dia de los Meurtos

5. Glow In The Dark Skull Lanterns

Use mason jar to make sugar skulls lanterns.

6. Day of the Dead Puppets Craft

Day of the Dead paper puppet craft

Have fun playing with these Día de los Muertos paper printable puppets.

7. Sugar Skull Candle Pumpkin

sugar skull painted pumpkin candle craft

Make your easy own sugar skull candle pumpkin craft.

More Crafts for the Dead of the Dead for Kids

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day of the dead crafts

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