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31 Fun Skeleton Crafts for Kids to Make: Easy Halloween

Make some of these fun skeleton crafts for kids. They are easy to make and are great for Halloween or the Day of the Dead.

Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the eerie and the mysterious, and what better way to do so than by creating your very own skeleton-themed decorations and crafts? These easy-to-make projects are designed to engage children’s creativity in the spooky season.

These skeleton crafts for kids not only provide hours of entertainment. But also help kids get into the Halloween spirit while developing fine motor skills and sparking their imagination.

skeleton crafts for kids

Fun Skeleton Crafts for Kids to Make: Easy Halloween

1. Cotton Swab Skeleton Craft

cotton swab skeleton craft

Make this fun skeleton craft for kids with a free printable, great for Halloween.

2. Paper Straw Skeleton

paper straw skeleton craft for kids

Use paper straws, white crayons, and black paper to make your own skeleton.

3. Sugar Skull Craft

paper sugar skull craft for kids

Make your own unique sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead. Have fun with colorful designs.

4. Paper Strip Skeleton

paper strip skeleton craft for kids

Black and white paper are the main supplies you will need for this skeleton craft.

5. Funny Hanging Skeleton Craft for Kids

paper hanging skeleton craft for kids

Make this fun hanging skeleton. You can print it out or make your own version.

6. 3D Paper Skeleton Craft for Kids

3D paper skeleton craft for kids

Using paper, paint, and paper roll make your own 3D skeleton.

7. Origami Sugar Skull

printable sugar skull craft

Printable out this easy origami template and decorate the skull.

8. Paper Lantern Skulls

paper lantern skull craft printable

Make this paper lantern using a free printable template.

9. Pasta Skeleton Craft

pasta skeleton craft for kids

Turn pasta into a skeleton with this craft.

10. Paper Skull Hand Puppet

folded paper skull printable hand puppet

Print out your free template to make this easy hand puppet for Halloween.

More Skeleton Crafts for Kids

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skeleton crafts for kids

More Halloween Crafts for Kids

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