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Free Printable Shapes and Colors flash Cards: Basic Shapes

Use these free printable shapes and colors flash cards to practice learning basic shapes and colors. There are 6 cards per worksheet for the flash cards.

There are color and black and white versions. You can use them for flash card practice or let them color them for and easy activity.

I have included other shape worksheets with only 1 shape in different sizes on it. You can use these for shape crafts or coloring pages.

free shape and color flashcards printable

I have also made a blank flashcard printable for you to use with your own ideas. You could have them draw or color their own ideas to go with the shapes or colors, like a red apple.

Free Printable Shapes and Colors flash Cards: Basic Shapes

Shape Flash Cards Free – Basic Shape 1

Free Black and white version shape flashcards 1

Shape Flashcards Printable – Basic Shapes 2

basic shapes flash cards printable for rectangle oval  and diamond

Shape Flashcards Printable Free – Basic Shapes 2 Black and White

black and white basic shape flash cards

Printable 1 Color Flashcards Free

red, orange, and yellow color flash cards printable

Color Flashcards Printable 2

green, blue, and purple shape flashcard printable

Color Flashcards Printable Free

white, black, and pink color flash cards printable

Print out the color flash cards by clicking on the titles of photo for the free PDF. There are different flashcards for red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, white, black, pink.

Blank Flashcard Printable Template

6 blank flash card template

Click on the photo or title for the free PDF of a 6 blank flashcard printable template. Have them make their own special flash cards.

To make longer lasting flashcards you can print them on white card stock. If available, you can laminate them. This would be the best option if they are going to get lots of use like in a classroom.

Try some of these shape crafts for more practice.

More Printables

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free shape and color flashcards printable

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