Easter Bunny Tutorial – Fabric Bunny Plush

Sew your own Easter bunny and create a soft colorful gift or spring decor. I choose fun polka dots and tiny chevron in pink, aqua, yellow, green, & orange.


cotton fabric – 1/3 yd each – will make about 4 per color


embroidery thread -black & pink


freezer paper

pencil (to help stuff bunny)



pinking shears


sewing machine

embroidery needle

straight pins

Step 1.

Print out bunny. Trace onto freezer paper and cut out. Pin to fold fabric.  Cut bunny out, cutting through both layers.

Easter Bunny Pattern
Pin pattern to fabric – DIY Easter Bunny


Step 2

Use a pencil make a dot where the eyes are through the paper. Next make an another dot at the bottom of the nose.


Easter Bunny Tutorial
Cut out bunny

Step 3

Cut a length of thread about 12 in. of black, using all 6 strands of thread. Using an embroidery need thread the need and embroider 2 black eyes and 1 mouth. I used 4 stitches starting just above the pencil mark. Make the first stitch small. Then make the next 2 larger center under the first stitch. Then make 1 more smaller stitch to match the top. Use pink thread for the nose. I started at the dot making a small stitch then increasing each time. You could also use felt or a sharpie or fabric paint pin.

Almost finished bunny face



Easter Bunny
Bunny faces

Step 4.

Use straight pins to pin both layers of the bunny together. Use your sewing machine to sew the bunny together using 1/4 in seam allowance. Start at the bottom about a 1/2 in from the 1 side. Sew around the either bunny. Go slow and pivot as needed. Leave a 2 in opening at the bottom. Don’t forget to back stitched at the start and end.

Step 5.

Stuff the bunny with polyfil. Start with the ears. Use something to help stuff. I used the eraser end of a pencil.

Step 6.

Sew the whole closed using the sewing machine. Push the edges together and smash the filling down.

Easter Bunny Pattern
Diy bunny


Bunny Turorial
Easter Bunny Tutorial


bunny tutorial
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