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23 Easy and Fun Handprint Crafts For Fall

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air turns crisp, it’s the perfect time to get creative with handprint crafts for Fall!

Welcome to “23 Easy and Fun Handprint Crafts for Fall,” where we’ll explore a variety of exciting autumn-themed crafts that kids can enjoy.

Make some of these fun and easy handprint crafts for fall. There are lots of different crafts to keep the kids entertained.

Using simple materials and their own handprints, children can dive into the spirit of the season while enhancing their creativity and fine motor skills.

From adorable animals to colorful trees, these crafts are designed to bring joy and a touch of the fall harvest into your homes and classrooms.

So, gather your supplies and let’s embark on a crafting journey filled with the wonders of autumn!

I have gathered tons of fun and easy fall handprint crafts for preschoolers and kindergarten.

As always, if they are too difficult for your kid simplify and if to easy make more complicated or creative. You can use a variety of medias and vary them to your available supplies.

There are fall handprint crafts for preschoolers including: apple crafts, leaf crafts, back to school crafts, pumpkin crafts, scarecrow crafts, fall tree crafts and more.

Looking for more fun fall crafts? Try some of these easy arts and crafts activities:

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Easy and Fun Handprint Crafts For Fall

1. Handprint Apple Tree Craft

Make this apple tree handprint craft for fall.

Have fun making a colorful tree using an apple stamp and a handprint for the tree trunk.

2. Apple Handprint Photo Keepsake for Fall

Make your own apple picture frame keepsake art.

Make a salt dough apple and turn it into a keepsake handprint photo frame.

3. Back to School Handprint Apple Kid Craft

Make a handprint apple craft.

Make an apple handprint craft using paint. This craft can be a keepsake for the 1st day of preschool.

4. School Supplies Handprint Kid Craft

Try this handprint back to school craft for kids.

It is back to school time. Have fun making a back to school handprint craft.

5. Handprint Fall Tree Craft

Paint your hand in fall colors and make this handprint tree craft for kids.

6. Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Preschoolers

Make a fun turkey handprint craft for kids.

This colorful paper plate turkey craft is made using paper handprints and a paper plate.

7. Fall Handprint Theme Art

Make some of these fun fall handprint crafts. There is a turkey, pumpkin, acorn, or apple.

Make fun turkeys, apples, pumpkins, or acorns using paint and handprints.

8. Salt Dough Pumpkin Handprint Keepsake

Make a salt dough handprint keepsake craft for kids.

Turn salt dough into a keepsake pumpkin handprint craft. This would be a fun craft for kids.

You could also dye the salt dough red or use red paint and make an apple.

9. Paper Fox Handprint Craft

Make a cute paper fox handprint craft. This craft would be good for the letter F, Fall, or a woodland theme.

More Handprint Crafts for Fall

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Make some of these fun and easy handprint crafts for fall. There are lots of different crafts to keep the kids entertained.

More Fall Crafts for Kids

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