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23 Cute Crochet Bunny Patterns to Make – Easy Amigurumi Tips

Love crocheting? Make one of these cute crochet bunny patterns for a great Easter gift or a cute baby present, for a boy or girl.  

There are lots of different rabbit crochet patterns to choose from. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next amigurumi bunny toy crochet project.

Need some tips on amigurumi? Check out these links.

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Crochet Bunny Patterns

1. Oscar & Hazel Rabbit Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

5 out of 5– Such a wonderful pattern, very clear and easy to follow. I love the design of the bunny! Crochet Rabbit Pattern

Make your own cute crochet rabbit animal with crocheted clothes.

2. Long Ear Crochet Bunny Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

5 out of 5 – Cute, I wish it had a little more instructions for newbies but overall a nice pattern. Thank you Crocheted Bunny Pattern

Make your own plushie crocheted rabbit with adorable large long ears with a soft yarn.

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3. Girl Bunny Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

5 out of 5 – Absolutely gorgeous , precious in love with the pattern Crochet Bunny Pattern

Make a soft cute crocheted stuffed bunny. This would make a great present for a child or baby. If you ware making a present for anyone under 3 you want to use sewn on eyes for safety.

4. Cute Ballerina Bunny Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

This cute rabbit doll has a ballerina outfit. This amigurumi bunny would be a great Easter present for a dancer.

5 out of 5 – Very easy step by step directions. Added a little extra to the skirt. Making a second one for my other grand daughter. Crochet Ballerina Rabbit Pattern

5. Bonnie the Bunny Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

5 out of 5 – Very adorable pattern that is easy to follow with lots of pictures Crochet Bunny Pattern

This cute crocheted rabbit has fabric for the inside of the ears for a change and it’s own crocheted carrot.

6. Crochet Bunny Baby Lovey Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

Make a cute sleepy bunny, perfect for a baby gift. These adorable bunny would be loved by any baby and go great for animal theme or for Easter.

5 out of 5 – Delightful pattern. Love the crochet stitch. My Grandbaby will love this. Crocheting Bunny Pattern.

7. Realistic Crochet Bunny Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

5 out of 5 –Super cute! I’m making one for an animal charity fundraiser. Crochet Rabbit Pattern

8. Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

5 out of 5 – Gorgeous well written, easy to follow, lots of pictures, beautiful design Crochet Pattern

Make this cute rabbit that looks like Peter Rabbit with the blue coat.

9. Little Crochet Bunny Pattern

crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

5 out of 5 – Very easy to follow pattern, delightful for little ones. Crochet Bunny Pattern

This crochet designer has lots of adorable crocheted plushie animal patterns for you to try.

10. Baby Cake Bunny Pattern

cute baby bunny crochet pattern with clothes

I fell in love with this pattern and decided to make it pretty spontanously. It was so much fun, and I actually don’t think I’m finished with this project yet.

I’m still really making clothes and accessories for these little guys (you’ll notice I made clothes different from the pattern and also some little pacifiers with wire stems so they can actually take them).

The pattern itself was easy to follow, mostly because there were clear instructions and SO MANY PICTURES. Seriously, the amount of pictures used in this pattern is amazing.

I had absolutely no problem because every time I wasn’t sure there was a picture of the exact step I was struggling with as well as the step before and after. T

his was such a huge help, made the process of learning this pattern so much quicker and easier. Amazing pattern, very cute result, thank you!

I love this guide!! Baby Cake is so incredibly cute, the instructions are super understandable and perfectly understandable through the pictures. I’m a fan.

11. Bunny Plushie 5 in 1 Pattern

crocheted bunny plushie with dress.

I used a different type and size of yarn so I had to improvise a time or two to make this but having this pattern was so helpful and I love how it turned out!

i added some accessories to the bunny’s clothing, and everything turned out so pretty. They’re the most liked plushies i sell in my shop

This cute bunny plushie crochet pattern comes with removeable accessories, hat, dress, and more.

12. Soft Rabbit Amigurumi

soft white crocheted amigurumi rabbit.

The bunny rabbit came out so cute; my granddaughter loved it! I had a little trouble sewing the body parts on in the right place, but I think that was because of the variegated yarn that I used.

Really loved how this rabbit looked. This was my first amigarumi so some parts I needed help from my mom, who crochets a lot. Some of the wording is different from what I’ve learned from.

I think my head turned out a little big? Yarn was Bernat Blanket. 8mm hook. I ended up needing to use 16 mm eyes.

Make your own soft plushie rabbit with this pattern. There are step by step instructions to help you make yourself one.

13. Free Easy Bunny Crochet Pattern

simple bunny crochet pattern

Make this cute simple bunny crochet pattern. It would be a great addition to an Easter Basket. You just need a two colors of yarn and some eyes.

14. Long Ear Rabbit Plushie

long ear crocheted rabbit

This was only my second time at crochet but the pattern was really easy to follow and a pleasure to make.

This bunny was really fun to make. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. The pictures were very helpful. She turned out so cute!

Skill Level: Intermediate

15. Cute Bunny Doll

crocheted bunny doll.

The quality of the pattern is great!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Yarn Needed: Yarn Art Jeans

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crochet bunny pattern - Easter pattern - A Crafty Life #crochet #crochetpattern #easter#amigurumi

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