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Build a Snowman Printable Craft Template: Easy Winter Activity

Looking for a fun winter craft activity? Try these easy printable build a snowman craft template. Make your own fun snowman with quick and easy snowman arts and crafts project.

You need just a few supplies to make this easy snowman craft. Print out the free snowman template. Then color, cut, and glue for a fun snowman activity.

Printable Snowman Craft

snowman template to color

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How to Build an Easy Snowman With a Printable Template


Print the build a snowman template on white printer paper or cardstock. Let dry for a few minutes.

Step 1. Build a Snowman Printable

First, add eyes, buttons, a mouth and a nose to the face using your favorite media like crayons, markers. or colored pencils. Color the scarf, arms, and hat.

If you are using card stock, you can paint with watercolors or washable paints and let dry before moving on to the next step.

You can also, use the template for a cutouts and print them on different colored paper or cut them out of different colored paper and have the kids add details and glue together.

build a snowman template colored

Step 2.

Next carefully cut out the head, body, arms, scarf, and hat.

build a snowman template cut out

Step 3.

Finally, glue using a glue stick, all the parts of your snowman together. Put the hat on the snowman head. Attach the two parts of the snowman together. Add the scarf and arms.

build a snowman craft
build a snowman craft

Add some cotton balls separated and glued on for some fun snow. Use a white crayon to add snowflakes to your picture.

Free Printable Build a Snowman Template

build a snowman template printable

Click on the photo or title to print out this free printable template to build a snowman. You could turn this into an cute ornament for the tree using white card stock.

This could be used as a template for other snowman crafts like a snow scene where you could add the trees and snow.

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build a snowman template printable

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