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Rainbow Bracelet Craft – Fun Easy Kid Craft

Create a easy rainbow bracelet craft. I love the colors and brightness in rainbows. Add some cheer to a rainy or snowy day. Easy enough for a toddler. Build fine motor skills and color skills.

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rainbow colored pony beads

piper cleaners

supplies for rainbow bracelet -
pipe cleaner – pony beads


Step 1

String pony beads in each color, on the matching pipe cleaner. I used 10 beads per color. Great fine motor skills.
purple beads rainbow bracelet craft -
Purple beads
rainbow bracelet craft supplies -
pony beads and pipe cleaners


Step 2

Take the beads on the pipe cleaners and put them in order. Remember ROY G BIV, no indigo but all the rest.


rainbow bracelet craft tutorial -
pony beads on pipe cleaner


Step 3

Twist all of the ends of the pipe cleaners together on both sides.


rainbow bracelet kids craft tutorial -
twist pipe cleaners together

Step 4

Create a loop and hook. Curve the bracelet to sit comfortably. If you have some pipe cleaners that are long you can cut them with wire cutters or just wrap them around the rest. Make sure to turn the ends of the pipe cleaners in otherwise you will get scratched.
rainbow bracelet how to -
Create a hook and loop


finished rainbow bracelet craft -
finished bracelet


rainbow bracelet kid craft -


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