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Paper Spring Tree Craft for Preschool: Easy Spring Activity

An easy paper spring tree craft for preschool is a great activity for the the start of spring. This paper tree craft needs just a few supplies.

For your construction paper spring tree craft you will need: scissors, glue, and several colors of construction paper. You can always color or paint white paper if you don’t have the right color of construction paper.

paper cherry blossom spring tree craft for preschool

For this spring tree craft, I made cherry blossom or ornamental pear trees. The cherry blossoms usually have light pink blooms and the ornamental pear has white.

In the spring, you can see a small buds of the leaves in green and either the white or pink blossoms. I made pink blossoms using pink construction paper. You could substitute pink tissue paper too.

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paper spring tree craft for preschool

How to Make an Easy Construction Paper Spring Tree Craft for Preschool


  • safety scissors for kids
  • glue
  • construction paper: brown, pink, white, green and blue or white for the background
supplies for paper spring tree craft for preschool

Step 1. Cut Brown Paper

First, cut the brown construction paper into different widths 1/4, 1/2 and 1 in lengths using the short side.

If you don’t have brown paper, you can use tissue paper, cardboard. You can substitute white paper and color or paint it the color need.

Another choice is to color white coffee filters with markers. This would well for the leaves and flowers part.

spring tree craft brown construction paper strips cut

Step 2. Glue Tree

Then, put the large strips together to form the tree trunk and glue them in place. Then using the small strips make branches coming form the trunk upward at an angle.

Tear or cut the pieces as needed to form branches that get skinny as they go away from the trunk. Glue all pieces in place and let dry.

brown construction paper spring tree glued

Step 3. Cut Pink & Green Paper

Next, cut or tear small pieces of white and green for the flowers and leaves. If your children, do not have cutting skills cut strips of paper for them and let them tear the paper for the flowers and leaves.

spring tree craft for preschool pink and green strips of paper cut

Step 4. Glue Flowers and Leaves

Then, glue the pieces of pink and green paper to the branches of your tree. You might find it easier if you have them put small dots of liquid glue down and then push the paper onto it. Let dry.

pink flowers and green leaves glued to spring tree craft

Step 5. Added Details

Finally, You can have them add any extra details, like a sun, clouds, or grass to their picture. Let dry.

finished cherry blossom paper spring tree for preschool craft

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paper spring tree craft for preschool

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