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Easy Preschool Sheep Craft to Make: Finger Painting

Create your own easy preschool sheep craft using finger paints. This fun craft is quick and easy to make using finger prints or dots with cotton swabs.

This cute craft is great for different themes, like the letters L or S, spring, Easter, or a farm theme. You can this easy sheep craft with a book for fun crafting and learning.

easy preschool sheep craft

For this easy craft you just need a colored piece of paper, paints, and your imagination. If finger painting is not their thing, use a stamp brush or cotton swabs to make the dots.

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easy preschool sheep craft

How to Make A Cute Fingerprint Sheep: Easy Preschool Lamb Craft


  • finger paint
  • colored paper
  • pencil
  • small plate
  • cotton swabs – optional

Step 1. Draw

Draw a large circle in the middle of your colored paper. Then, draw two lines down form the bottom of the circle for the legs.

Next, draw an oval or a rounded square for the face towards the top of the large circle in the middle, leaving space for there to be fur above the face.

easy preschool sheep craft outline

Step 2. Paint

Then, put small amounts of the washable paints on a paper plate or palette. Let them use their fingers, a brush or cotton swabs to paint the sheep white, the large circle.

Paint where the two lines are for the legs in white. Then, paint the oval a tan color for the face.

If you don’t have a tan, you can mix white with a little brown to make it or substitute another color like light gray.

Let your lamb dry before moving to the next step.

easy preschool sheep craft

Step 3. Paint Details

Next, add eyes and a nose to your sheep. Paint the mouth using your finger like a pencil. Then, paint ears on either side of the face in gray.

Add black to the legs at the bottom for hooves.

Let your sheep dry.

easy preschool sheep craft finger paint

Step 4. Finish

After your sheep is dry, you can add grass and flowers to the bottom of the picture. To the top, you could add clouds, a sky or sun.

Let paint dry.

easy preschool sheep craft

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easy preschool sheep craft

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