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Umbrella Coloring Template: Easy Printable Umbrella Craft to Make

Use this umbrella coloring template to make this easy craft or make your own design. There are several coloring pages, plus a cut out template to print.

This easy and fun dot painting printable umbrella craft is great for spring. On a rainy day, you can decorate your own umbrella.

umbrella coloring template painted

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umbrella coloring template painted

Umbrella Coloring Template: Free Printable Cut Out Craft

Free Template Umbrella Coloring PDF Large

medium umbrella printable template

Click on the large size umbrella template to download the free PDF. You can use this as a colouring page or for a craft project.

Medium Umbrella Coloring Printable PDF

medium umbrella printable template

This printable has 2 medium sized umbrella cut out on it. This is great is you have a large group and need more copies of the umbrella. Click to get the free PDF.

Small Umbrella Printable Template PDF

umbrella coloring template small size 4 per page

This small umbrella outline comes 4 to a page. Click to print.

Umbrella Template Printable Dot Painting Craft


Step 1. Print

Print out the large umbrella template on white paper or cardstock. The thicker cardstock works better when painting. Let the printout dry for several minutes before moving onto the next step.

large umbrella coloring printable template

Step 2. Paint

Next, put small amounts of washable paint on a small plate or palette. Then using a finger or a cotton swab make dots to paint a design on the umbrella.

Paint the handle too. Let dry.

umbrella coloring template painted

Step 3. Rain

For the final step, add rain drops in the sky and down at the bottom of the page for puddles. Let all paint dry.

umbrella coloring template painted

Simple Umbrella Cut Out Template

simple umbrella outline template cut out

This template is great to use for a cut out template for your crafting needs. Click on the photo or title to download the free PDF.

Umbrella and Cloud Coloring Template Page

rain cloud umbrella coloring page

Print out this easy umbrella coloring page for a quick and easy activity. Color it with your favorite media like crayon, markers, or colored pencils.

Raindrops and Umbrella Coloring Sheet

umbrella coloring page with raindrops

Looking for some fun umbrella coloring pages? Try: Spring Umbrella Pages or Coloring Pages for Umbrellas

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umbrella coloring template

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