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Easy Printable Shape Snowflake Craft Winter Project to Make

This is an easy printable shape snowflake craft that is perfect for a winter theme. You can combine crafting and math together.

This makes an easy math activity where they can practice naming and counting different shapes. You can also use it for making patterns.

This activity is best for kids that has good scissor skills or you will need to precut all of the shapes. Another idea is to get foam sticker shapes instead.

I made different sizes of shapes to make it easy to cut. There are larger and less shapes on one of the pages.

shape snowflake printable craft template

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Printable Shape Snowflake Craft

Materials Needed

Step 1. Snowflake Shape Printable

Print out the printable snowflake shape template on white paper. Let dry.

Now, would be a great time to talk about how snowflakes are six sided and are each made up of different patterns.

There are pictures of real snowflake that can be share too.

snowflake shape printable template

Click on the photo or title to print out this free shape snowflake template. There is a large one at the end of the post.

Step 2. Cut Out Shapes

Next, cut out the shapes. If the kids are younger, you are going to want to help with this step.

cut out shapes

Step 3. Make Snowflake

Then, take a blank piece of paper and make the snowflake pattern on the paper. You can also glue the snowflake pieces together by overlapping them or gluing the small pieces onto the rectangle.

When you are happy with the snowflake design, which should have 6 sides. Carefully, pick up each piece and glue it in place. Let dry.

Step 4. Color Snowflake Shape Printable

Color the different shapes on the printable with your favorite media: crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

If you are using the shapes for patterns, have them color the same shape & size the same color, like all large triangles purple. You can also skip the coloring and cut out the shapes first and then let them color.

Another option would be to print the shapes on colored paper and use them to make the snowflakes.

shape snowflake

If you are using foam stickers plan out your snowflake on a blank piece of paper. Then after you are happy with the design peel the backs of the stickers off one by one and place them on the paper.

foam stick snowflake

Free Large Shape Snowflake Printable Template

shape snowflake template printable

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shape snowflake printable craft template

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